KCAL Old Time Radio Troupe

“My Favorite Husband” from KCAL 2017 Christmas Show

December 11, 2017

From the 2017 KCAL Old Time Radio Troupe "A Hometown Christmas " show performed December 8, 9, and 10. This is an episode of the old time radio show "My Favorite Husband" which starred Lucille Ball and Richard Denny. This radio show was the inspiration for the "I Love Lucy" television show. The episode that is reproduced is "Christmas Present" and originally aired December 16, 1949. Featured in this episode are KCAL troupe members Denise Cline as Liz, Norman Cline as George, Carolyn Threlkeld as Katie, Connie McDonald as Mother Copper, Doug Fain as the Store Clerk and Buddy Teater as the announcer,  Eddie Clements on sound effects and David Damron running sound and lights. We hav attempted to make this sound just like it would have back in 1949 on a vintage radio set including the quality of the sound.  

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