KCAL Old Time Radio Troupe

“Phillip Marlowe, Private Eye” & “The Philadelphia Story” from the KCAL Spring Spectacular March, 2019

April 10, 2019

From the 2019 KCAL Old Time Radio Troupe Spring Spectacular show performed March 29-31, 2019.  The first you will hear is an episode of the old-time radio show "Phillip Marlowe, Private Eye".  The episode that is reproduced is "The Medium Was Rare" and originally aired on September 8, 1951. Featured in this episode are (in order of appearance) KCAL troupe members David Damron as Phillip Marlowe, Denise Cline as Mary, Steve Watts as Cookie, Carolyn Threlkeld as Lillian, Norman Cline as Pat the Taxi Driver and Chezano, Larette Blackford as Sylvia, Billy Holland as Bruno and the police officer, Susan Clements as Madame, Eddie Clements on sound effects and Doug Fain, announcer and music. 

The second episode is the radio version of the film classic "The Philadelphia Story" which starred Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, and Cary Grant. It originally aired March 17, 1947. Featured in this reproduction (in order of appearance) are KCAL Troupe members Steve Watts as Mr. Kidd, Larette Blackford as Liz, Billy Holland as Conner, Norman Cline as Dexter, Susan Clements as Ms. Wallace and Dinah, Carolyn Threlkeld as Mrs. Lords, Denise Cline as Tracy, Eddie Clements on sound effects, David Damron as the commercial announcer and Doug Fain, announcer and music. 

We have attempted to make this sound just like it would have back in the 40s and 50s on a vintage radio set including the quality of the sound.

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